Friday, August 25, 2017

Cyber Security - Capture The Flag (CTF)

Cyber Security is a high priority of companies & governments. Cyber Attacks & Breaches have been on the rise in the last years. By that Security Professionals have been through rigorous training as how HACKERS are able to get into companies & govs infrastructures and how to defend against them.

ExploitPack - Penetration Testing Framework v8.0

Exploit Pack is a security tool that targets Penetration Testers/Ethical Hackers. It is Open Source and licensed under the GPLv3. Basically it means that its free to use and a non-commercial tool. Using this Pack you can be sure that on your next PenTest you will become unstoppable. The good thing about this toolkit is that it's supported by all operating systems, including: Windows, Linux, Unix, Minix, SCO, Solaris, OSX, etc. and even mobile and web platforms.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Guide To Cyber Security Certifications

A degree will only take you so far up the job ladder. At some point in your career, an IT Security certification from a reputable third-party organization is necessary. Security certifications give the student a very big knowledge in Hacking & Security alongside more skills and information about different stuff like Networking & Programming.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Security Architect vs Security Consultant vs Penetration Tester !


Architect thinks first and foremost conceptually. They focus on business requirements and how to align security to meet those objectives. This typically manifests in changes to IT (infrastructure, applications) but can just as easily be a process change if it is the simplest solution. Architects are able to dive town in depth on a technical level but generally speaking, not to the same degree as the other two.


Is the middle man between an architect and pentester. A consultant thinks in terms of risk. Usually a technical person who has moved into to consulting based on broader exposure to other areas of security or business and/or excellent communication skills to be able to articulate risk and translate architectural terms and concepts or low levels of detail that a penetration tester may unravel. The posess a moderate degree of technical skill generally, typically higher than an architect.


Highest degree of technical skill. Engineers often fall within this category too. They possess the deepest degree of knowledge and in many cases, the broadest. Their ability to focus on the microlevel of detail is the single greatest strength and in many cases their weakness.


In my mind there is no one better than one, because everyone have his/her own job and rules and obligations. Security Architect thinks about the Business in a manner of Security. Security Consultant valuates the network or the security of something. The Penetration Tester is the responsible of hacking and getting access into systems in order to prove something that maybe already got by a consultant!

In a clear understanding the PenTester is the HACKER. So for me i prefer a Penetration Tester over all others! But it depends on a lot of situations like the salary, the work, and more.

Let me see what do you think in comments :-) !